Frequently Asked Questions

From 1st January 2021 all imports/exports to and from the UK and to the EU will require customs declarations.

Despite the uncertainty in the UK surrounding the new rules around Brexit concerning customs formalities and the UK’s government “Smart Freight System”, LV are ready to serve our customers old and new through this challenging period.

We are ready for Brexit!
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Have you completed a direct representation form?

LV Logistics can handle customs declarations on your behalf. By completing our Direct representation form (Doc. No. OPS-FORM-GLOBAL-007 as attached) we can represent you with HMRC in accordance to BIFA 2017 regulations.

Do you/your client have an EORI number?

In order to proceed with any imports or exports you need to have an EORI number.  If you do not have one or are not sure, then LV can guide you. Alternatively you can easily obtain one online by visiting (UK) or This number can usually be achieved within 3 days.

Are you aware of the information required on your commercial invoices?

Commercial invoices have not been previously required for shipments to and from the EU/UK. As from 1st January 2021 they will be a requirement in order to facilitate a customs declaration.  Content of the invoice must contain commodity codes.

Do you know how to identify the correct commodity codes for your shipments?

Commodity codes classify the duty which may be payable.  LV can again assist (in an advisory role only) with assigning the correct commodity code, alternatively they can be found on the government website

Do you know the CPC (Customs Procedure Code)?

The CPC is a Numeric or Alphanumeric code which clearly defines the status of goods being exported/imported to/from the UK, eg. permanent import/export, temporary admission, exhibition, repair, end use, etc. Utilizing the correct code makes a significant impact on whether or not duty and/or VAT is payable.

Read more in our Brexit explanation
Do you have a valid deferment approval number?

If you already have a duty deferment account, you can defer paying duties and Import VAT when you complete your declaration. Alternatively LV Logistics as your preferred forwarder may consider use of their deferment account.

Do you have an up to date knowledge of INCOTERMS?

You will need to pay particular attention to the contractual INCOTERM used, as this will determine the responsibility for customs declarations and any VAT and duty. LV will be happy to assist.

Have you checked the rates of tax and duty you may need to pay?

Ensure that the correct commodity codes have been used as this will have a great impact on the overall cost of the import/export. The LV Group can provide a streamlined (all-encompassing) service, alleviating the need to ensure that overseas agents are appointed for clearances.

Are your pallets for import/export ISPM15 stamped?

ISPM15 is a global regulation intended to prevent the spread of plant diseases and pests through wooden packaging materials by requiring them to be heat-treated (HT). All wood packaging materials (WPM) moving between the EU and other countries are subject to official checks on a risk-targeted basis and must meet ISPM15 international standards.

Are you aware of eligibility of postponed VAT accounting?

Except for businesses which submit an authorised simplified declaration before I January 2021, VAT registered businesses can apply postponed accounting from that date provided the imported goods are for use in their business and they have included their Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number (UK only)