Airfreight to Brazil
December 11, 2016


The removal of two Co2 Gas tanks from M.V.Yara Gas1 (currently moored in Fredrikshaven Denmark). Each Co2 Gas tankweighs in excess of 145 tonnes M.V.Yara Gas1 require these Co2  tanks to  be shipped & discharge utilising our Heavy Lift Quay & subsequent installation at the Yara Terminal located at TCP (Teesport Commerce Park).



The shipment comprised of:

2 x Co2 tanks, Dimensions each: 19.8m Long x 6m Wide x 10.65m High, each weighing: 145 Tonnes Source, supply & oversee the manufacture of the shipping saddles in the UK. Onward transport to Denmark. Removal of tanks from Yara Gas 1,  prior to the tanks being manoeuvred  the cladding had to be removed from outer of the tanks in order to release them for lifting.


The LV Logistics department at Middlesbrough were responsible for overseeing the smooth delivery of this project given their ideal location in the Teesport. Following the original enquiry by K Home International LTD, LV suggested the Yara tanks be discharged from Yara Gas 2 using the heavy lift crane at TCP (Teesport Commerce Park). LV supplied the shipping saddles, monitored the loading of the Vessel Jaguar.  Then Lash, secure & sailed open hatch to the Tees.

On arrival at the Tees our shipping department arranged the discharged of the tanks, from the vessel via the heavy lift crane. The tanks were then transport and stored on site for approximately two weeks. Arrangements were then made to transport to Yara site where LV contracted Mammoet to supply a 1200 tonne crane to discharge from site to transport and install on readily prepared plinths on the Yara site.


Ultimately a very successful operation, with schedules being maintained throughout and delivery being made on time for the client well within budget.


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