LV Logistics receives the Royal Warrant

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December 2, 2021
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February 22, 2022

LV Logistics receives the Royal Warrant

LV Logistics receives the Royal Warrant

LV Logistics receives the Royal Warrant

Vlaardingen, February 1, 2022

The internationally operating logistics service provider, LV Logistics, have received the Royal Warrant from the Commissioner of the King in the Dutch provence of South Holland, Mr Jaap Smit. At the head office in Vlaardingen, Mark van Herk, CEO of LV Logistics, received the accompanying certificate from Smit on behalf of King Willem-Alexander.

Bert Wijbenga, the mayor of Vlaardingen and the Dutch and international management of LV Logistics were also present at the presentation. Van Herk was extremely pleased with the special recognition on behalf of LV Logistics.

LV Logistics celebrated its 100th anniversary last year. The family business, founded in 1921 under the name J. Lensveld & Sons, has grown significantly over the years and now has 33 branches worldwide. Since December, all activities have been carried out under the new international brand name LV Logistics. As of March 1st, the name will be changed to ‘Koninklijke LV Logistics’ in the Netherlands and Royal Dutch LV Logistics internationally.

During the celebratory gathering, the new logo was symbolically unveiled. The new logo features a crown to represent the company’s royal status with due pride. As of March 1st, the crown will be used in the internal and external communications of LV Logistics.

Jaap Smit, Commissioner of the King: ,,Only a very small percentage of the total number of companies in the Netherlands are eligible for the Royal Warrant. In this case, too, a very careful process preceded the application, which ultimately went to the King. After all, he alone has the right to grant this Royal Warrant.”

,,LV is thus part of an extremely select and exclusive group. It is, of course, wonderful for a Dutch company to be able to present itself as royal. It shows the outside world that you are of good repute. I think that might just help the company in their business dealings.”

Bert Wijbenga, Mayor of Vlaardingen: ,,As mayor, I am very proud that we now have a company in Vlaardingen with the Royal Warrant. You don’t just get that, you have to have earned it. LV Logistics now transports goods by land, sea and air all over the world. It’s good for employment and for the economy in Vlaardingen and the wider region.”

,,As well as being proud, I am also pleased with LV Logistics’ social commitment. They recognize the importance of local connections anywhere in the world. I endorse this wholeheartedly and am therefore pleased that Arjan Bos is taking a seat on the Committee of Recommendation on behalf of the board of directors for the celebration of Vlaardingen’s 750th anniversary of city rights in 2023.”

Mark van Herk, CEO of LV Logistics: ,,This is truly a very special day in the rich history of LV Logistics. I consider receiving the Royal Warrant the crowning glory of our work. We are very grateful to King Willem-Alexander and, of course, to Jaap Smit as the Kings Commissioner for South Holland for this extraordinary token of appreciation.”

,,LV Logistics once originated as J. Lensveld & Zonen and is still well known in the Dutch market as Lensveld Transport. Since December we have been carrying out our activities under our new brand name LV Logistics, also because our company now operates worldwide. The Royal Warrant will also appeal to the international imagination and help us achieve our ambitions. We will carry out the Royal Warrant with due pride and care.”