Barging, Inland Shipping & LCT


Turning inaccessible locations into a destination

Barging and inland shipping connect the main sea ports with the hinterland. Each year about 30.000 vessels and 110.000 barges visit in the Port of Rotterdam. These mayor hubs can be found all over the world. This way of transport relieves road traffic and has great economical advantages.

We make sure that we match the right equipment to your shipping needs.


Our partnership with a leading shipping company provides us a large fleet of barges and landing crafts. The barges and landing crafts are capable to transit in open ocean, gulfs and bays and penetrate inland rivers. The exceptional mobility and requirement of shallow draft enables us to deliver your cargo to the area which is not possible by conventional mode of transport.

This long term partnership make us one of the strongest landing crafts provider in the South East Asia region; particularly in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Papua New Guinea. Our landing crafts capacity varies from 500 DWT to 2,500 DWT with the loading capacity from 350 tons to 1,800 tons. These landing crafts are available on the time charter on voyage charter basis.

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